Make A Blog That Makes Money: Under 5 Minutes

I don’t know why a heck lot of websites show off making a blog such a big deal! 

It’s NOT! 

You don’t have to be intimidated if this is your first time making a blog. 

I can assure that you’ve made the best decision of your life!

As the title claims, your blog will be hot and ready in 5 minutes if you follow this guide. 

Of course, provided you follow all the steps (not many I promise!). 

Ready? Let’s ROLLLLL

Who Am I To Talk About “Making a Blog

I made my first blog in 2016. 

I’ll honest to my bones here, back then making a blog wasn’t as easy as it is today. Shared hosting plans didn’t come with WordPress preinstalled, and there weren’t many plugins to help as well! 

For a beginner like me it was a stomach-churning nightmare to simply install a CMS (Content Management System) on a $2 shared server. WordPress is a CMS in case you don’t know.  

What motivated me? More like Who motivated me! 

I came across this guy named Pat Flynn who was making it big on the internet. He was raking in hundreds and thousands of $$ from just one blog. 

Like a kid with a candy, I got motivated and decided to start my own blog. 

Chose Bluehost as my hosting provided and they added a dose of excitement. 

A free .com domain. Which they still provide BTW. 

Now I was ecstatic!  

But something happened with my life and I had to abandon the blog. 

No gonna lie, that was one of the worst decisions of my life.

Fast-forward to 2020. I started a blog again!

This time I was serious.

Today it’s 2023. 3 years have gone by and I just don’t want to stop blogging. I’m in love with it!

In these three years, I have sold a website within a year of creating it (at a good price), and still have multiple blogs.. 

I created this blog with just one sole reason. To share what I’ve learned in these 3 years and also the pitfalls you CAN avoid. 

So, that’s it about me! 

I hope you aren’t bored AF. 

But What Benefits You’ll Get Bloggin?

Though there are countless benefits, here are some of them I hope will help you in the long run!

Blogging Teaches You Time Management

This I’m telling you from my personal experience. Making a blog WILL teach you to manage time. 

You’ll have to devote time to your blog, especially if it’s new. 

Your new blog is like a baby who needs constant attention! 

You have to plan blog content, write blog posts, check regularly whether everything is working fine and take care of it. 

Slowly the blog grows. First it learns to walk, Google Analytics shows some movement and you receive few visitors on your blog.

You keep on writing blog content, take care of the blog and one day while you wake up from sleep you discover that your blog has started running. 

Google Analytics and Google Search Console is going wild! 

Now, your blog is a grown up and it needs less attention then before….Aaaannnddd the story goes on…

What I’m trying to say is that blogging is a journey not a destination.

If you love a journey and don’t mind to hustle a bit, then blogging will really teach you how to manage time.

Your Hobby Can Earn You Money

Most bloggers talk about choosing a niche you love. In fact, choosing niche is a tricky process.

Selecting a best-suited niche for you is one of the toughest task while making a new blog.

But, if you have a hobby, let’s say cooking, you won’t have to spend much time thinking about niche.

I’ve seen this happening in “cooking” and “Mom blogs.” The person behind a cooking blog is either a mom or a cook or someone who loves to cook. 

And you already know who can manage a mom blog. 

Personal experience matters a lot.

You Get A Chance To Meet Like-Minded People

Since blogging is an insanely large community. Conference happens every now and then. 

Do attend one of those if you want to expand your blogging circle and learn new things. 

You’ll love meeting people who are enthusiastic and won’t mind sharing their tricks and tips for a better blog.

Top Bloggers Are Earning 7-Figures

Here is a list of bloggers who are raking in the big-bucks every month. Most of them are raking in 7-figures (yearly).

  1. Pat Flynn
  2. Adam Enfroy
  3. John Dykstra
  4. Tim Sykes
  5. Melyssa Griffin

There are more who don’t want to reveal their identity. There are also some bloggers who are more famous for flipping websites and raking in even 8-figures (I have seen a finance website sell for $10+ Million).

Recently SEMRush bought Backlinko for $4 Million.

So, sky is the limit my friend!

You Need To Chill!

You need to chill if you think:

  1. Blogging is Rocket science
  2. You need butt loads of money to start a blog
  3. Blogging is dead
  4. It’s hard to select a niche
  5. You need a team to run a profitable blog

None of the above is true! PERIOD!!

Of course, if you ask 100 people whether “Blogging is dead” at least 10 of them will claim that “blogging is a waste of time and you won’t earn a dime!” 

It’s upon you whether you want to go with the pessimistic 10% or the optimistic 90%.

Let’s face it, there’s competition in everything! Yet, everyday a new blog rises outta nowhere and makes 5-figures within few months!  So, when people say that “blogging is dead” ask them about a successful blog.

You’ll see they’ll throw excuses!

Let’s Make A Blog 

It’s time we start creating our blog. 

As I’ve mentioned before, it won’t take more than 5 minutes…

Choose A Hosting & Domain

You know your niche and you’re ready to register a new domain. 

Just search “best WordPress hosting” and you’ll find a plethora of web hosting companies claiming to be the “best.”

Most of them are either outright pathetic, or at most, good enough. 

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of web hosting companies that are really good.

FastComet is one of them! 

In fact, this website (and my other websites) is hosted on FastComet. 

It’s cheap AF and has high speed LiteSpeed Web Server (one of the fastest Web Servers).

FastComet Account Information

Registering on FastComet take only few seconds. Fill-up the blanks about your personal information.

Then, as you scroll, you’ll get an option choose the your plan and your blog’s data center location.

FastComet Product Information

Though FastCloud Basic plan costs only $2.19 per month when you buy the annual plan, in the long run you might face various issues regarding website speed and resources.

FastCloud has 10 data centers around the Globe, so you don’t have to worry. You’re also free to choose any location depending upon the country you’re targeting.

FastComet Payment Information

Finally, after you’ve filled up all details, it’s time to complete the purchase. You can either pay with PayPal or Credit Card. I’ll suggest you to use Credit Card since it’s easier and faster to get a refund if you don’t like their service.

FastComet Hosting Order Confirmation

This is what you’ll get after you’ve bought the hosting.

If you want to to know more about FastComet, you can read my FastComet review. I’ve explained everything in a simple manner.

I have stopped recommending Bluehost. They were good, but are lagging quite behind nowadays. It seems they don’t want to evolve. 

Coming back to FastComet. 

Everything is fine and dandy with FastComet, but you don’t get a .com domain for free. 

For domain registration you can use Cloudflare or Porkbun registrar. They are cheapest in the industry. Especially Cloudflare. 

Please don’t use GoDaddy or some other domain registrars. They will charge you extra for ‘Domain Privacy” which is absolutely free forever on Cloudflare and Porkbun. 

Click this think to register on FastComet Shared Hosting and Get an INSANE 80% off on all shared hosting plans.

Register On Cloudflare

Okay, your blog is ready. 

Let’s move to secure your blog from those pesky spammers and hackers and make it blazing fast. 

Make a Cloudflare free account and register your domain. 

Cloudflare Register Domain

Search a unique domain name in the “Search” section.

Cloudflare Domain Purchase

This is what Cloudflare will show when a domain name is available for purchase.

Please note before purchasing that Cloudflare only accepts Credit Card and PayPal.

Compare Cloudflare’s domain price with other domain registrar and you’ll see Cloudflare is the cheapest among all. Especially when you count out offers from other domain registrars.

If you have registered your domain on Cloudflare then you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing Nameservers. 

But if you’re using a different domain registrar, go to the Nameservers section of your registrar dashboard and change it to Cloudflare Nameservers.

Cloudflare change Nameserver

And that’s pretty much it. You website has become faster and safer than before.  

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Your blog is live and rocking, but how will you know if someone visits it? 

For that you’ll need analytics. Enter, Google Analytics. 

Whether your visitors are from Google search, social media, or any other medium, you’ll know about it if Google Analytics is connected with your blog. 

Follow these steps to connect your blog with Google Analytics account:

  1. Login into your google account and visit Analytics. 
  2. Create a Property and name it. 
  3. Copy the code that is generated and insert it in your blog through html

You won’t have to think much about code if you install the Google Site Kit plugin which I’ll talk about in the next section.

Theme & Important Plugins

Install a lightweight theme for your blog. Nobody (including you) likes a slow website, and theme plays an important role.  

I’ll recommend Kadence or GeneratePress. You can try other themes as well if you think you can optimize speed. 

And here are all the plugins you SHOULD install. I’ll provide brief reasons as well to support my answer:

  1. Yoast SEO or RankMath
  2. Google Site Kit or WP Header And Footers
  3. LiteSpeed Cache (if you’re using FastComet)
  4. Forget Spam Comments
  5. Simple Social Buttons
  6. Ultimate Blocks
  7. WPForms Lite

None of the plugins I’ve recommended are paid. All of them are free with an option to pay if you want to access more. 

Google Site Kit automatically install Google Analytics code on your website. This plugin takes care of all technicalities. WP Header And Footers on the other hand is a manual way to install not just Google Analytics code, but any code you would like to. You must install Google Site Kit since you’re a beginner. 

I have used both Yoast and RankMath and haven’t found any difference in SEO or Google ranking. Yeah, but RankMath has more options than Yoast. 

LiteSpeed Cache works great when your hosting uses LiteSpeed Web Server. If not W3 Total Cache does a fine job.

You’ll LOVE Forget Spam Comments once your blog is live on Google. This plugin blocks all bot generated spam comments and keeps your website database clean.

Ultimate Blocks is not a compulsory plugin, but if you want to give your blog a little makeover, this plugin is your answer. 

WPForms lite sits on your “Contact Us” page and accepts email from your reader. It also hides your custom email which is great for filter spam.

Ta-da! Your Blog Is Ready

Install the Google Analytics app on you phone and login with the same email you used to login into Google Analytics. 

Visit your site and see if it’s showing anyone in the “Realtime” section. 

If you see a visitor. 

That’s pretty much it! 

You blog is ready to rock the internet. 

But What You Need To Keep In Mind!

Finally we have created a blog. 


It’s time to step up the game and alert you about something REALLY important!

Always keep these things in mind:

  1. Blogging is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.
  2. Learn to balance your risk appetite. (Don’t try a stunt when things are going well. You may lose all your traffic and SERP)
  3. Don’t mess with Lord Google. (Black hat seo will kill your website) (google is far more intelligent than before)
  4. Sometimes Content is NOT the King (you need to know how to market you blog. People need to know your blog exist)
  5. Diversify but don’t Diworsify! (this means, don’t too many things at the same time and making things complex and worse.)

I’m out! Hungry? Wanna join me?


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