FastComet Review 2023. The No.1 Bluehost Killer!

Choosing a “good” web host has become one of the toughest tasks lately! Each one of them is dirt-cheap, has heck load of features, and claims to be the “fastest WordPress web host.” 

Unfortunately, most of them fail miserably! Either in real-world performance, customer support, or the worst among all upsells.

But here is ten-year old (started in 2013) web host that is silently rocking the web hosting industry with their cheap and best service. 

And when I say “cheap and best” it’s literally CHEAP AF! What about “Best,” well you’ll know soon!

I won’t make this a loooong and booooring review! So, stick till the end! 

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FastComet Review

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FastComet Review Summary

FastComet is the best web hosting company out there for small to big WordPress websites. FastCloud Extra is the best shared hosting plan which comes with superfast LiteSpeed Web Server. FastComet has one of the best Customer Support team who are always ready to help you.


FastComet Features

“How should I write about so many features?” I had to think for a while before writing about the features! 

So, I decided to include the most important and juicy features you’ll get in their Shared Hosting plan. 

FastComet Features

Below are some of the many features you get with FastComet shared hosting. More specifically FastCloud Extra.

Free Site Migration

The Free Site Migration feature is not a surprise! Almost every web hosting provider today provide this feature for free. 

Of course, why won’t they? 

Why would they charge a lovely customer to transfer their site and make them feel a victim?

I bought the FastComet Extra plan and requested customer support to restore my website from a backup file. The FastComet Extra plan has 3 free migrations so I was good to go. 

They took, and I repeat! NOT more than 5-8 minutes for the site migration. My websites we live within 15 minutes in total time.


Free Domain Name

Again, providing a free domain name is not unique too! 

But what surprised me is that they only have certain domain extensions you can register for free. Not all!

These are the domain extensions you can claim for free:

  • .online
  • .store
  • .site
  • .tech
FastComet Free Domain Registration

Disappointing! Especially if you’re excited to register for a .com domain.

Honestly, this is the only negative feature I found with FastComet web hosting. 

A free domain registration would have been cherry on the cake. 

Cuzz doesn’t like free stuff! 

Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt is the go-to SSL certificate provider today. Every other blog on the internet either has Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare SSL certificate. 

FastComet hosting is also one of them. If you use Cloudflare then it’s not necessary to install Let’s Encrypt.

Ask customer support to install an SSL certificate and they’ll do it in minutes. 

But please don’t try to use both Let’s Encrypt SSL and Cloudflare SSL certificate.

Free Daily Backup

You get free daily backup with all FastComet hosting plans. 

So, you don’t have to fret if a random plugin or theme breaks your site! 

In fact, each hosting plan gets a daily backup. The only difference is how long your website data is retained. 

You get 30 days of backup data with FastCloud Extra.

Only the FastCloud Basic and FastCloud Plus get 7 days of backup data. Which is unheard of with most shared hosting.

While some web hosting companies don’t even provide any backup for cheap shared hosting, most try to upsell it.

Bandwidth Usage

FastComet is crystal clear about how much bandwidth each FastCloud plan get. 

FastComet Bandwidth Usage

FastCloud Basic → 30GB

FastCloud Plus → 60GB

FastCloud Extra →90GB

It’s hard to say whether 90GB bandwidth is good enough for FastCloud Extra, but using a cache plugin and image compression plugin will make a difference.

So is the provided bandwidth good enough for an ordinary blog? 

Yes! But if you have a blog that’s primarily focused on media files, then you’ll run out of bandwidth in no-time. Especially if you don’t use a caching plugin, CDN (Cloudflare), and image compression plugin. 

Free Custom Business Email

 Since FastComet uses CPanel, all shared hosting plan gets free custom email. 

Your business email is a seal of trust that your website is legit and not a scam! 

Google likes it! Gmail likes it and in the end, your customer/blog reader will love it.

You can create a custom email within minutes. And if you’re not tech-savvy, just ask customer support and they’ll spring into action within minutes is not seconds

Pro tip: It’s easy and you MUST have a custom Email.

Inode Count

FastComet has beautifully explained what a Inode is:

Inode is the internal data structure that Linux use to store information about the file system object. The inode count is equal to the count of all files and directories in the user account. This includes everything on your account, emails, files, folders and anything you store on the server, for example, each new file or directory add a 1 to the total inode count.

FastComet Inode

Here’s how much Inode you get with all shared hosting plans:

FastCloud Basic → 250,000

FastCloud Plus → 350,000 

FastCloud Extra → 500,000

In the FastCloud Extra you’ll be able to store 500,000 files or folders. Which is great if your website is not too large and heavy.

FastComet Shared Hosting Visitors

All the shared hosting plans have set an approximate no. of visitors each hosting plan can handle.

FastCloud Basic → ~25,000 Visitors

Fastcloud Plus → ~50,000 Visitors

FastCloud Extra → ~100,000 Visitors

If your site is hosted on FastCloud Extra, it can easily handle ~100K monthly visits. 

But, after having a chat with the customer support, they said that Bandwidth and Inode count is more important than Visits.

So, if you can keep your site’s Inode and Bandwidth count at check, your website can perform great even with more than 100K visits

The Visits are just an approximate calculation. Which means it’s just an approximate of how much visits a plan can easily handle.


FastComet Dashboard

Okay okay! Sorry to overwhelm you with all those features description. 

Now, it’s time you know a little about how your hosting dashboard will look like after you’ve bought one. 

And on the left side, you’ll see a list of options about your hosting account. 

FastComet Dashboard

On the right side of the screen you’ll find all information about you account. 

You Email, Account Security, Account Privacy, everything.

And on the right side, you’ll see your hosting overview.

Among all the options, the most you’ll probably use is “Support” and “Home.”

FastComet Server Specification

What you’ll like about FastComet is that they have data center all over the globe.

It doesn’t matter where you live!

FastComet Datacenter Location

All your shared hosting plans get SSD storage which makes storage access insanely fast. 

Pro tip: AVOID HDD Storage. They are worthless and will destroy your SERP Ranking!

All your site will run on LiteSpeed web server, which is often considered faster than Nginx. 

And when you use LiteSpeed Cache plugin, your website will just fly

FastComet Speed Test

I will reveal it right now:

This website is running on FastCloud Extra!

I’ll use this website as a guinea pig to speed test it.

Yes, I haven’t tested a brand-new site, because it’s not practical to test an empty website and just call it a day!


GTmetrix is one of the best sites to get a detail review of your site’s speed. 

I don’t think there’s much to say. The image below explain everything!

GTMetrix FastComet Speed_Test

Just have a look at the “Backend” time. It’s 127ms!

I DID NOT expect such great performance from a shared hosting!

Till date is the fastest web hosting I’ve ever tested. When compared to FastComet performs pretty good for a shared host.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Getting a perfect 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the hardest thing to do!

This pesky tool will find out at least one error and decrease the “Performance” score.

Google Pagespeed Insights FastComet Speed Test

Honestly, I did not expect it to score such high.

Really, a treat for the eyes!


Pingdom is a simple tool that straight away shows how well a website is performing.

FastComet Pingdom Speed Test

You might thing that the website is that fast since it is taking 1.02s to load 2.5 MB.

The site is hosted in Newark (close to New York), and I ran the test from Sydney, Australia.

Sydney was the farthest data center location from Newark, and this is the result it produced.


After testing the site from Sydney, I thought to run a test from New York location.

As expected, the site performed exceptionally good. I have a hard time believing that the site is hosted on a shared hosting service.

Uptrends FastComet Speed Test

Loading a 2 MB page within 1 second is no joke. Especially when the page is huge and has multiple plugin and images.

Of course Cloudflare is doing a great job here, but FastComet has done a great job optimizing their servers.


Finally I check the Server Response Time (SRT). SRT is one of the many factors Google sees to rank a site.

Bitcatcha FastComet Speed Test

Google prefers a site more when it has quick response time, and doesn’t take much time to response to queries.

FastComet servers clocked Server Response Time below 10ms.

But for some reason Sao Paulo and Germany could not make it under 10ms. Especially Sao Paulo with its 121ms SRT.

FastComet Uptime

Having a speedysite is nice, but it won’t result to anything if it goes down every now and then.

So, I used UptimeRobot to monitor how the target site performs over a period of time. 

FastComet Uptime Report

For now, the site is performing great, and has a perfect 100% uptime for the last 24 hours.  

And just look at the server response time. 

Believe me or not, I’ve tested some major web hosting service, but there is only a few shared hosting with such good server response time. Hostinger being one of them.

Google recommends a Server Response Time (SRT) of 600ms or less. Any number above that is a red flag for you site’s future.

FastComet Plans

FastCloud shared hosting plans are cheap AF


FastComet Features

Especially when you compare it with other shared hosting provider.

But I won’t lie, I didn’t like their VPS and Dedicated server plan pricing. 

If you choose VPS hosting or Dedicated server, you’ll only get discount for few months, and then it’s regular pricing.

I would say if your website is earning more than $1,000, then switch to hosting. 

You won’t regret it! 

FastComet Customer Support

If cheap hosting is one reason why you chose FastComet, then I’m dropping one more reason!

It’s their great customer support. 

I’ve used Hostinger in the past. I liked their service, but I could not love them. 

My website didn’t feel safe there. The customer support was too damn slow and sometimes I had to even wait for 30 freaking minutes for just a “Yes” reply. 

But that’s not the case with FastComet! 

Each FastCloud shared hosting plan has 247 live chat experience on top of the Support Ticket for critical issues. 

My personal experience has been really great with them!

FastComet vs Bluehost

Why do I claim that FastComet is the Bluehost Killer?

Believe me when I say this. EVERYTHING about FastComet is better than Bluehost. 

If you have any reason for why Bluehost is better, then please remind me. I would be happy to know. 

Yeah, if you want to sacrifice a good hosting for a free .com domain, a little bit extra storage space then Bluehost has an upper hand. 

I feel this short table below will convince you why Bluehost is nowhere close to FastComet when it comes to performance and how much value you get for your money…

Most Expensive Shared Hosting Plan PriceFastCloud ExtraChoice Plus
Customer SupportGreat!Not good enough
Inode Count500,000200,000
Web ServerLiteSpeed Web ServerApache Web Server
Bandwidth90GBNot mentioned.
SpeedGreat Speed(Thanks to LiteSpeed Web Server)Slow. Fails Google Core Web Vitals recommendation
Daily BackupsDaily Backup available at no extra cost. Free FOREVER.Free for 1st year then paid.

I think Bluehost is the wrong hosting to compare with FastComet. The better competitor is Hostinger…

FastComet Refund

Guys at FastComet are generous enough to offer a 45 days refund policy.

They are CONVINCED that you’ll love their service.

In fact, I too was skeptical before trying their shared hosting.

But when I saw a 45 days refund, I thought to give it a try.

I Loved It!

Final Verdict: 10+ Reasons Why FastComet Is The Best For Your Site

I suppose you already know how good is FastComet!

Yet, I’ll summarize it a bit before I go:

  • Superfast and seamless migration
  • Passes Google Core Web Vitals. Google will LOVE your site.
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Cheap AF
  • No Upsell nonsense
  • Object Cache even in Shared Hosting which is unheard of
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • 45 Days refund policy
  • High Inode count
  • 100% Uptime
  • Multiple Data Center locations

You Rock!

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