Hi there! I’m Ayush Mallick, the guy behind createblogearn.com, ayushmallick.com and many other websites(hidden 😜) .

Few years ago I started tinkering with WordPress and fell in love with the platform. After making a handful of websites, running them and selling them, I learned few things that most reviewers miss.

There are things that you only learn through trial and error. After hundreds if not thousands of mistakes and mess-ups, I have pretty much learned a lot about Web Hosting.

Though I don’t claim I’m an expert, but I can assure you that I’ve learned enough to write a detailed review about web hosting and different software. 👨‍💻

Don’t curse me for unattractive website design as it has never been my forte. I try to keep it as simple as possible! 👀

Coming back to why I created ayushmal_create.com and what’s so special with an “yet another web hosting review website? 🤔

The reviews I conduct on Web Hosting providers and other Software provider is thorough and highly in depth. I leave no stone unturned before writing about a web hosting. ✅

I won’t say “Oh no no I’m not doing this for financial gains.” Yes, financial gain from affiliate sale if sweet but my primary focus is to provide the most in depth review on web hosting and web software.

Of course there are websites that write great reviews with hundreds on data and stats. But most beginner and average people want to see real results.

And that’s what I strive to provide. 💪

In the end, let me be a little more greedy and ask you this:

Please share ayushmal_create.com with as many people as you like. Honestly it’s feel nice to see someone buy from my Affiliate Link. 🤑
It not only motivates me for more reviews, but also gives me a sense of satisfaction of helping someone do better. 🦸‍♂️

I humbly welcome criticism and guidance if I make any mistake in my content.

Saynonara!! 🫰