30+Evergreen Side Hustle Ideas That Still Works (LEGIT)

I’ll be honest here, you can find countless side hustle on the internet, but how many of them are actually legit? How many of the so-called “make PayPal cash” works? I would say, only 10% of the side hustles are actually legit, most of them are there to rip people off their hard work and vanish later.

To put everything to the rest, I have shortlisted this HUGE list of 32 side hustles that are actually LEGIT and works, and probably will work in future too. Even completing one among this list will surely make you money. Some of these side hustles may seem lame, but at the end of the day it will make you money.

Well, enough talk… let’s dive in…

(1) Writing On Medium

Medium is a haven for writers and people who love sharing their thoughts through words. What makes Medium so unique is how nicely they have survived in this tough environment. Of course there are other platforms similar to Medium as well, but till date none can match Medium’s efficiency and content quality.

To keep writers motivated, Medium also has, what they call “Medium Partner Program.” In simple words, your contents can make you money when it’s read by people. The more people read your contents the more money you make.

Let’s briefly talk about the earning scenario! Everything depends on “reading time.” On an average, Medium pays between $0.01-$0.05 per minute of read. Which means, if a person reads you contents for 1 minute, your total earning stands between $0.01-$0.05.

Surely, you won’t write just one content and wait for visitors to read. Your earning will be abysmal in the beginning, but as you keep on writing engaging contents and people keep reading them, your earnings will increase automatically.

So, if you have written enough engaging contents, and manage to gather a total of 100,000 minutes of reading, then you can easily make $1,000-$5,000 every month. It seems tough now, but once you learn the secrets, making even $10,000 won’t be an issue anymore.

(2) Domain & Website Flipping

Product flipping is an old way to make money quickly. Buying something cheap and then selling it for high cost is a great way to earn fat cash. You might have heard about product flipping, but have you heard about domain flipping, or website flipping?

I have flipped domains and websites in the past, so I can confidently say that it’s INSANELY profitable. Website flipping in particular can make you millions if you sell them in the right time. Yeah, website and domain flipping might seem like a business rather than a side hustle, but trust me, I started flipping websites as a side hustle few years ago.

Though I cannot reveal the exact amount, but I have sold a websites for 6-figures in 2022. Since then I have sold many others site and have made some nice profits… Domain flipping, on the other hand require more research and patience. But, the profits you can make from domain flipping is sometimes way more than website flipping. I have seen lame domains selling for $40,000 on Sedo.

(3) AI Art

I know this one is going to be a controversial. Guess who hates AI the most? Artists. They HATE AI art because it’s literally killing their livelihood. Their anger is justified given how easily AI can produce high quality art in seconds that a professional can take weeks, or even months to create.

Some AI Artists have made the big bucks on Etsy and NFT marketplace by selling AI generator artwork. Today, it have become a lot harder than it was when Midjourney released, but still there are people who still regularly earn money from AI art.

Let’s take AI-generated NFTs for example. Any NFT can sell for a minimum of $100. Such NFTs are sold too frequently and they no way close to the high-value NFTs which are sold for more than 6-figures. You can use Midjourney and try creating unique artworks and see if they can sell as NFTs. Or, if you want to go overboard, use Midjourney in combination with ChatGPT-4. It’s a lethal combination if you can use the prompts correctly.

Apart of selling AI generated NFTs, you can also create logos and other standard graphics and sell them for a nominal price. Etsy is the best place to try selling your art. The best Etsy markets easily make 5-figures every month in sales. Considering how low the initial investment is, making 5-figures is great.

(4) Renting

There are various types of renting, but Airbnb is the most famous one. On an average, a Airbnb property makes anywhere close to $2,000-$3,000 per month for 2 bedroom apartment. $3,000 is the money you can earn after deducting all the fee and Airbnb commission. What makes renting a great side hustle is that the asset stays with you, while it pays its dividend. Does it feel similar to you? Yeah, it should! When your asset makes money in auto-mode, that’s called a passive income.

Airbnb is not the only renting method. The real money in Commercial and Industrial Renting. A single property can easily make you $5,000 if it’s located at a good location with ample space.

Well, you might not have enough space for commercial renting, but you sure can rent your space on Airbnb, which is a fine way to make money easily, especially during vacations.

(5) DIY Jewelry

Selling DIY Jewelry can be a profitable side hustle, especially if you love making DIY items. Few years ago Facebook marketplace was the go-to place buy DIY items, which were mostly handmade jewelry. Today, Instagram and TikTok dominate the DIY product space.

The only challenge with any DIY product is its quality. And, since the price is usually higher buyer expectation is automatically high. On an average, if you have multiple unique products, you can easily make $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Yeah, the income range is high, but there are few techniques you can apply to maximize your sales.

(a) Affordable pricing
(b) Following trends
(c) Overdeliver customer support
(d) Customer retention tactics

Among the four, I feel (a) Affordable pricing, and (b) Following trends are super-important. I have seen some TikTok and Instagram DIY sellers making $10,000 every month selling nose rings. After doing some research what I found is that they follow (1) The latest design trends, and (2) Price VERY reasonably.

So, if you have DIY handmade product ideas, try selling it on Instagram marketplace, TikTok, or even Etsy. The DIY product can be anything. You can even sell stickers and make reasonable money. In fact, I think this is how most people turn their side hustle into a full-fledged small business.

(6) Canva Templates

It’s been a little over 10 years since Canva was launched. Today, the company is worth $20+ Billion. INSANE! Guess the creates are making some good buck. One thing that happens when a software becomes so big is its community takes over. That’s exactly what has happened with Canva too.

Canva is used by millions worldwide. Any novice graphic designer who hasn’t used Canva, or doesn’t even know about it is missing a great software. Anyways, you can make money from Canva, by selling premium templates. You won’t come across the paid templates if you use the Canva pro, but the free account has certain templates that are paid.

If you regularly make new templates and design new graphics, then there’s high chance you will make well above the $3,000 mark per month. Just to remind you… Canva marketplace is not the only place to sell Canva templates. You can use websites like Envato Elements to list your templates and make money from commissions.

(7) Uber Rides

Riding Uber as a side hustle is probably the most popular one. Other services like DoorDash, Instacart, and Grubhub are few of them too. I’ll be frank here. There’s literally no limit to how much you can make riding Uber or Lyft. The payout completely depends on how efficiently you ride and the total number of hours you can pull off.

On an average, an Uber rider makes anywhere between $10 and $40 per ride. These are just flat pricing and doesn’t take external situations into account (rains often push up prices). Since you’re taking this up as a side hustle you can expect to ride between 10-20 hours per week. So, if you ride for 10 hours daily and make $10 every ride average, you’re making $100 per week, excluding tips and surge pricing.

Of course, the earning is not that low. The real hustlers make $2,500+ per month just from riding Ubers. Yes, they work hard like crazy and take calculated rides, but the pay is worth it. Especially if you want to do it for a limited period of time.

You may not become a millionaire, but you sure can make substantial money within a month and make use of that sweet money.

(8) Freelancing

If you ask me to list down the top 5 best side hustles, Freelancing is one among them. Though it’s hard to calculate how much you can actually make. As a freelancing you can make as low as $10 to as high as $10,000 every week. Yeah, $40 thousand dollars per month.

Freelancer and Upwork are the two most reputed sites to search for high-paying side hustles, but if you don’t want to just experiment as a beginner before taking freelancing seriously, try Fiverr. Fiverr has become pretty popular because of how many people use it.

I don’t know how accurate it is, but the name Fiverr was used because most of the orders were not more than $5. I tried freelancing few years ago on Fiverr and it was great. I don’t exactly remember how much I made, but it was in 4-figure.

So, if you have a special skill try freelancing on Fiverr and see how much you can make. Please keep in mind that competition is a bit high, but if you’re good at something, you can make more than what you might expect.

(9) Day Trading

Day trading is a high-risk, high-reward side hustle. The positive side of day trading is that there’s no limit to how much you can earn. The best way to start day trading is to start with minimal capital. The lower it is the better. Why? Because even if you lose the money it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Take $100 for example. Start with $100 and as you learn, increase your capital. Or, just to be sure, you can start day trading with a simulator. Day trading is great, the only challenge is that you’ve to learn few tricks and gather technical knowledge before really going into it.

But, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind. Keeping aside the profits, day trading is risky, so stay aware of this fact.

(10) Selling eBook Journals On Amazon

Selling eBooks on Amazon is nothing new. Amazon has been selling eBooks for years now. But, there’s this new trend of selling empty eBooks, also known as empty journals. These eBooks are solely targeted towards people who love taking regular journals but don’t like the pen and paper style.

I found this peculiar side hustle on YouTube where this old dude was making 5-figure every month from selling empty eBook journals. His competitive edge was ultra low pricing. His priced his books for a measly $0.99. The only changes he made was few designs here and there, and the number of pages.

Being an eBook he didn’t have to think about the manufacturing part. And, since he priced it way too less than the average market price his eBooks took off without any marketing expense. His eBooks earned him 5-figures per month from Amazon alone, while he also sold the same journals on Etsy and on his personal website (even lower prices).

This side hustle is more like a passive income idea with very little effort. It’s a no-brainer way to make money that simply works. Even if you’re a bit pessimistic of making, let’s say $10,000 per month, I’m optimistic that you can make anywhere close to $1,500 per month from journal sales.

And, since the investment cost is nearly zero, it won’t hurt you if it doesn’t work.

(11) Surveys

Making money from surveys is a straightforward way to make money. You complete surveys and get paid directly into your PayPal or Cash App account. That’s pretty much it, but there’s a catch (as it’s with most part time gigs). Most surveys are scam and don’t pay you no matter how many jobs you complete. Worse, even if you complete few jobs, they won’t pay you and just end-up blocking your account.

In the past, I have tried making money from who knows how many side hustles, especially completing surveys, and there are only a few legit ones. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are the two best and the most reputed surveys side hustle sites.

Finally, completing surveys can actually be an easy extra income source. You can easily make $500 per month from Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. There are other sites other than Swagbucks and Survey Junkie as well, but I haven’t tried them so I cannot say whether they are legit and will actually pay you.

(12) Poshmark

Poshmark and frugal living go hand-in-hand. What do you do to clothes that you don’t wear anymore? If you just throw it in garbage, you’re just wasting a money-making opportunity. To keep it simple, Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell new or used clothes, accessories, or nearly anything home-related.

Poshmark is a digital thrift store where sellers list their items like wallets, clothes, and anything related to fashion. Poshmark is different from Amazon because Amazon does not usually sell used items. Poshmark is a sleeper hit for hustlers who want to make money by providing good quality used products.

Among all the side hustles in this list, Poshmark is most probably the most legitimate ways to earn money you’ll come across. You sell items and get paid immediately after Poshmark’s deducts their fee. From what I know, Poshmark takes 20% commission and you get 80%, which is pretty good considering all the hassle Poshmark handles for you.

The top Poshmark sellers regularly earn at least $1,500 to $5,000 per month. Poshmark is going nowhere because it’s the best online thrift store, and that too a legit one.

(13) AI Inspired Digital Art

AI inspired digital art was one of the first things that happened when Midjourney and ChatGPT release their latest and greatest version. Especially the NFT market was flooded with AI made NFTs.

The initial AI digital art is gone, but it’s still there. There are still people who sell AI inspired art on platforms like Etsy and other ecommerce websites. How much you can make money is totally dependent on things like: The number of sales, prices, and actual profits.

These arts sell pretty well on Etsy. And, if you have good command over ChatGPT and Midjourney prompts then you can easily make more money than an average digital art seller. But, you need to be aware of one thing: Google and other search engines are not stupid, if you just copy-paste every AI-generated digital art your art may not even get enough attention on Etsy.

The secrets sauce is “uniqueness.”

(14) Food Home Delivery Service

Times have changed and people are more focused on keeping themselves fit and healthy. There’s legit data to show that today people spend huge money on homemade food just because eating out has become unhealthy.

When there’s a shift in thinking, that too in a large scale, it’s the best time to start a business out of it. That’s how the food home deliver service industry started. Well, you can start it as a side hustle, and eventually, as the profits increase, invest more.

If you’re having a hard time understanding, then a classical food delivery service is also called Cloud Kitchens. Your cloud kitchen make good profit if you can deliver good quality products with competitive pricing. Many professional cook start cloud kitchen as a side hustle, and improve it eventually as they get the reviews and orders.

On an average a good profit-making food home delivery service can make $5,000+ per month. $5,000 per month is quite good enough for a side hustle if you ask me.

(15) Pet Walking

Pet walking and Babysitting are the two most popular side hustles among women, and even men. Rover is a well-know website that provides pet walking services. On an average, as a pet walker on Rover you can charge anywhere between $30 and $70 per hour.

There’s good money in pet walking if you can take on longer walks, overnight stays. The earning multiplies when you choose a wealthy location. Pet walking in Beverly hills will make you more money than other areas in Los Angeles.

So, how much will you actually earn from Rover? Let’s say you take three 30-minute walks and make $150. Rover will keep anywhere from 15% to 20% of your earning and pay you the rest. Yeah, 20% commission is on the higher side, but considering how easily you can get an order, the commission normalizes after some time.

Pet Walking is a lucrative side hustle. The pay is good, and if you have good connections and reviews, you can even make $3,000+ per month. Consider other side hustles and the risks involved, pet walking sure is a good one to try for.

(16) Data Entry

Completing surveys, transcription services, virtual assistant data entry are some of the best data entry side hustles that have been there for years. Especially virtual assistant, which is often not considered as data entry is only rising in popularity.

If you’re interested in making money from data entry jobs, then Upwork and Fiverr are the two best sites you can visit. I have already mentioned completing surveys so you already know about it. Transcription services are great too which is often easier than other low-paying side gigs.

One thing I forgot to mention is how nice these side gigs are for introvert who are shy. If you’re introvert and don’t want to reveal your identity, then all these data entry jobs I’ve mentioned above will the best for you.

Completing surveys can make you between $500 and $1,500, Transcription service can easily make you upwards of $3,000, and let’s not talk about virtual assistant as a side hustle. Legit and fulltime VAs can make upwards of $15,000 per month. No doubt making $15,000 as a VA needs you to put in a lot of work that just sorting emails and filtering spam emails.

(17) Candle Making Side Hustle

Candle making is a narrow niche, but for some reason candle making has some good money. You can make money from designer candle, or the so-called cute candles that are meant only for decoration.

Here’s the good thing: Starting a candle-making side hustle is a straightforward way to make money. The investment is low and the profit margin is sometimes insane. But, before you start, there are few things you should keep in mind:

(a) Check market demand: Candles sell like hotcakes, but still you must find out what’s trending. You wouldn’t want to make candles about an outgoing trend.

(b) Supply & Demand: Supply-demand-mismatch is the hardest thing to balance in any side hustle business. No matter how small or big it is! Gauge the demand and produce candles accordingly. I’m sure you wouldn’t want candles to pile up in your garage just because they are extras.

(c) Marketing: Try as hard as you can, but without proper marketing your candle-making side hustle would struggle A LOT. It’s okay if you cannot spend money on Google Ads, or any ads so to speak. If you’re tight on budget, then the best way is to distribute candles for free and ask people to review them. Start a website and paste the name of the website on your candles so that they have an option to contact you in the future.

(d) Price: I know you want to rake in the big money, but go slow initially. Consider selling your candles at a lower cost then competitor’s. Aggressive pricing is often the secret to quick market share gain. Remember one thing though! Don’t sideline profits in order to gain market share. Because, at the end of the day it’s the positive cashflow that will keep you small side hustle running.

Once you follow these simple processes, nobody can stop you from making profits. On an average, basic wax, wicks, fragrance oils and containers can range between $100 and $500. The profit margin fall in the range of 50% to 70%, which is way more than most small business you’ll ever run.

(18) Digital Planners

Notion is the go-to app for productivity monitoring and also taking quick notes. But, Notion is more than just a note-taking app, you can create an entire presentation on Notion and share it realtime with others too. Anyways, Notion is more like a digital planner.

Similar to Canva, Notion has an option to make custom templates. Templates makes things easier to navigate on Notion and also makes it more presentable. You might think that selling templates to make money is a nonsense side hustle idea until you actually try it.

If you know the trend and price your products intelligently, making $2,000 is a child’s play. Trust me! What makes digital planner so unique and profitable is that fact that they are digital. So, you can make one template and sell it to hundreds of people, even thousands.

Few weeks ago, while doing my research for this post, I found an Etsy seller who has 5,000+ reviews on their Notion templates. Considering the template price of $2, the seller must has easily made $10,000 from selling just one Notion template. That’s huge!

(19) Pinterest Pin Creation

Pinterest pin creation is a hassle, especially if you create a LOT of pins everyday. If you’re good at pin making then you can create pins for others and make money easily. Sort-of pin-making freelancing. Fiverr is the best platform for such side hustles.

If you’re really good at making Pinterest pins, then you’re going to make good money on Fiverr. And, if you think that Fiverr is unreliable, then you’re wrong! I personally know someone who is a fulltime logo designer on Fiverr. He started back in 2015 as a side hustle, and today, after nearly a decade, he has established a small business around logo designing. Dude is a millionaire!

So, if you’re confident enough about pin making, and can complete tasks on time, then you’re pretty much ready to make huge money on Fiverr side hustle. Unlike before the minimum order value on Fiverr has gone up from $5 to $7, so you can make at least $7 by completing one task.

Pinterest is a sleeper hit in the social media space. Unlike other social media platforms it doesn’t get the same recognitions, yet it’s a lifesaver for bloggers. Fortunately, Pinterest hasn’t changed (like Facebook and Instagram) after its success and still has managed to maintain it’s importance.

(20) Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a goldmine for people who are already working. It’s even better for someone who has concrete knowledge about a specific topic. Personal coaches are the ones who have earned the most money in the past few years.

Well, I don’t think I have to elaborate any further since you already know what personal coaching is! When it comes to pay, the range is too vast. A novice personal coach can make as little as $500 per hour, but someone with considerable experience and a popularity can demand as high as $5,000 per hour. What’s surprising is that most personal coaches are pre-booked for weeks, sometimes even months.

Personal coaching is a highly concentrated side hustle. Which means you won’t have to cater to a thousand people to make $1,000. You can make $1,000 from just one dedicated client. So, if you’re an expert at something, and know you can coach someone, you’re literally sitting on a goldmine.

(21) Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics is a controversial side hustle. It’s a strictly adult-oriented way to make money and has the potential to make $1,000 quite easily. I found a YouTuber who sold her feet pics inspired by the Victorian era, and she made some good cash pretty fast.

Though she wasn’t serious at all, and also didn’t expect to make any money, but her idea was so unique that random messages started popping from people offering her thousands of dollars for customized feet pics.

Selling feet pics is nothing new though. It’s a gender neutral platform (though women make the most money) that allows anyone to sell feet pics and make money. While some feet pics are free, some are sold for as high as $50. Take the website FeetFinder for example. The website claim to have sold $60,000,000 worth of feet pics till date. Well, that a huge number!

(21) Referral Apps

Ever heard of apps like Robinhood, Cash App, Swagbucks, etc? These are some of the well-known apps where you can earn pretty good money from referral. Swagbucks and Cash App are super-famous for their referral offers.

Take Cash App for example. I read several Twitter posts abut people posting referral income screenshots. Few of the users have made as high as $800 on Cash App just by referring the app to someone.

But I’ll be honest here. Making money from referring apps is not a reliable way to make money. One day or other your income will hit the bottom. So yeah, you can make temporary money. Even a $1,000 is possible, but how long will this sort of income continue is a matter of serious question.

Unless you have a way to attract large audience for referral, it’s not a sustainable way to make money. If you ask me, then it’s better to complete surveys and make money than to make money from referral.

(22) NFT

NFTs and Bitcoin have unarguably made millionaires, even billionaires, in recent years. There’s this YouTube who bought Bitcoin in bulk when the price was in few dollars (below $10). Today, this dude is supposedly a billionaire and buys a yacht to make engaging YouTube video. Money Speaks!

Bitcoin is no more lucrative, but NFTs still have some steam left. If you can make funky graphics and market it, your NFT may sell for thousands of dollars. The highest ones have gone for millions.

Nowadays, people are using ChatGPT and Midjourney to create super-unique NFTs. The result from Midjourney is so insane and accurate that nobody can tell whether it’s computer-generate or human-generated.

The trick is to know Midjourney and ChatGPT’s prompts. The income is pretty good if you can consistently churn out better and unique NFT. OpenSea is the most reputed platform to sell NFTs. You can visit the site and get ideas from there too.

(23) LOFI YouTube Channel

Lofi YouTube channels are a rage now, thanks to Lofi Girl. These types of YouTube channels are easy to maintain, other than uploading unique music. The production cost is low, the earning is high, and owning a lofi YouTube channel can easily make you thousands if you can provide good quality music.

The unique thing about making music for a Lofi channel is that you don’t really need any instrument to create such music. Ever heard of FL Studio? It’s a music-creating software where you can create even the most complex music with little effort.

Most Lofi channels are always live, which also means you may not have to regularly upload new contents on your channel. Yes, even live streaming shows ads, so you can make money from ads. But, the REAL money comes from sponsorships, donations, and merch sales.

Lofi Girl supposedly makes a little over a million dollar every year from various sources, and merch sales is their primary source of income.

(24) Game Testing

Do you know that the games you play online is tested hundreds, if not thousands of times before it’s finally released for the public? Not just games, every app you have ever used is tested multiple times before it’s finally released. Who do you think tests these apps or software? These people are called “testers.” And, individuals who test games are called “game testers.

If you’re passionate about games and have a good eye for bugs, then you’ll excel as a game tester. Companies are always in search of game testers who can actually put in the work and find bugs from the most hidden places in the game. If you want to become one of them, then just contact the company and ask them whether you can become their game tester.

If they are open, they will test your gaming skills before taking you in.

(25) Live Streaming

Who would have thought live streaming a newly released game on the internet would, one day, become so profitable? I doubt more than five people saw this coming. Here we are, in the midst of this decade, and live streaming has made more millionaires than anything in recent times.

Live gaming streamers like Ninja and Shroud make millions on Twitch alone, let alone the money they make from brand deals, merch sales, and other businesses. In fact, live streaming is so lucrative that YouTube too has started their own live streaming service integrated into the YouTube service. They have enforced few restrictions, so not everyone can live stream there.

This gives Twitch the edge over YouTube and other, not-so-famous, live streaming platforms. Let’s talk about the earnings. On an average, if you regularly stream, and stay consistent, you can easily make $1,500 per month. It’s not that hard to hit the $1,500 per month mark on Twitch if you’re genuine gamer and play new and unique games.

Within a few months you’ll make at least $2,000 per month, considering you regularly upload and connect with your followers. YouTube is quickly become better than Twitch in live streaming. The only thing that is holding them back is “subscriber number limitation.” Though the number is a measly 50 subscribers, it’s still a hard task to get 50 subscribers without uploading any content.

(26) Stock Photography

Let’s be honest, taking photos is easier than before. Those days are gone when you HAD to have a $10,000 camera. The latest iPhone camera have become pro enough for stock photography. Of course, an iPhone camera still has its limits, but it’s good enough for a side hustle.

I won’t lie about this, but I suck at photography and have never tried it personally. But, I have a friend who made about $2,000 in a month selling stock photographs on sites like Shutterstock, iStock and Getty Images.

If you’re scared or think you don’t get enough exposure, then upload your stock photographs on Creative Commons licensed websites like Pexels at first. And, after some time try pro platforms like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

Stock Photography is tricky, yes, but it’s fun too. The pay is pretty good, and you won’t be disappointed when the payment comes. Some unique and “one-of-a-kind” photo can sell for multiple thousands of dollars.

(27) Course Selling on Skillshare/Udemy

Udemy and Skillshare are the two top-notch platforms for selling courses. While both platforms have a different business model, in many cases Skillshare has proven to be more lucrative for course sellers.

Though both Skillshare and Udemy are course-selling platforms, both have different ways to earn money. Skillshare is more leaned towards people who sell courses on art, productivity, cooking, etc, and Udemy is more inclined towards technical and business courses.

So, if you are someone who sells courses on digital art, then you’ll earn more on Skillshare. Why? Because Skillshare makes money on “per minute watched” basis, but with Udemy you just sell the course and that’s it. So, you’ll have to think twice before launching your course on Skillshare or Udemy.

Few YouTubers like Ali Abdaal make close to a million from Skillshare. Okay, you might not touch $1 million on Skillshare, but you sure can make $5,000 per month. And, if you create high-value courses, then Skillshare will become your favorite and primary income source.

(28) Selling Fonts

Selling fonts is a highly narrow niche industry. Tell me, how often have your heard of people saying they money from selling fonts? I suppose it’s very rare. Fonts are highly underrated, but nothing looks good without a perfect font.

Since selling fonts is a narrow niche, there are few ways you can make money:

(a) Selling fonts from your personal website
(b) Selling on websites like myfonts.com
(c) Tailor-made font design for clients.

As you might have already felts, selling tailor-made fonts can make you the highest cash (upwards of $5,000). If you actually want to sell fonts, then you should start selling it on big websites like MyFonts or FontShop. These markets give you the exposure which you can use to drive your clients to your personal website.

A single font can make you anywhere between $10 and $100, depending upon how unique it is. And font families (font group) can easily make you $50-$500. While $500 is pretty rare, but still it’s possible to make that much.

As a side hustle, selling fonts can easily make you around $2,000 per month in sales. This number can go higher if you do custom tailor-made designs. Try it for yourself and see how you perform.

(29) Homemade Ice Cream

Gen Z are getting health conscious. Which is a good thing! With the rise of the health wave, there’s one thing that’s rising, it’s the healthy food industry. The funny thing is that everything is healthy now! Heck, I read somewhere that someone tried to make a healthy sauce. Well, I don’t know about that, but the thing is handmade ice cream are in huge demand now.

Of course, this is more of a small business than a side hustle, but if you love adventure and want to polish your business skills, then you’re welcome. I’ll cut to the chase and spit facts: Selling homemade ice cream is tricky, especially the cooling part and protecting the ingredients from getting spoilt. Luckily, that’s what makes selling handmade ice cream so attractive. The entry barrier is high, so the competition is generous.

On an average, a side hustles turned small business like making ice creams can make you anywhere close to $1,500 and $3,000 per month. These numbers does not include marketing efforts and discounts. If your product quality is good and your ice creams are reasonably priced, there’s no stopping in profits.

Selling ice creams can easily make you $10,000+ per month with a little extra effort. Do let me know what you think? I’m eager to know your thoughts!!

(30) Selling Insurance

If there is one side hustle that you should turn it into a fulltime job, or even a small business, it’s insurance. Selling insurance can make you some serious cash if you’re good at selling and convincing people. Now, let’s look at the numbers.

If you’re thinking of trying to sell insurance as a side hustle, then at first choose the type of insurance you want to sell. Life insurance usually sells the fastest, and is relatively easier to sell than other insurances like auto, home or business insurance. Business insurances pays to most, but is also hard to breakthrough.

At a part-timer you will work for not more than 21 hours per week. Considering an average policy premium of $500 and a 15% commission rate, you can earn $75 from just one sale. Here comes the real challenge: How good are you at convincing people? If you can convince people the right way, then you’re in for a good one.

A sale of at least two policy premium every week can earn you $150 from commissions alone. That’s $1,200. And, trust me, most insurance agents make way more than $1,200 per month. The top insurance agents can earn a whopping $100,000+ per year from selling insurances alone.

$100,000 per year boils down to about $8,333.33… per month. A sweet side hustle if you ask me.

(31) Babysitting

Few years ago, babysitting was mostly woman-centric side hustles, but recently the trend has shifted a little. Today, even college students and young adults take on baby sitting because the pay is pretty good. Plus there’s not much work involved, though there can be unexpected cases.

Honestly, babysitting can be a pretty lucrative job, especially if you love babies and have good experience in handling them. Now, let’s talk about the pay. How much can you earn from babysitting? There are few factors that determine how much you can make as a babysitter. The first is your location, then the number of hours you can work, and your hourly rate.

On an average, a babysitter makes anywhere between $20-30 per hour. This price goes up if you work in high-value areas. If you treat babysitting as just an another side hustle, then you can earn close to $2,000 per month, but if you take it seriously and make it your fulltime income, you earning may as well touch $5,000. Which is sweet if you ask me.

To ensure your chances of getting high-value orders, make sure to get certified (like CPR, first aid, etc). And, don’t forget to bargain hard. Competition is rising, and if you’re too stiff, you might lose the market.

(32) Making Money On Instagram Without Selling Anything

While Instagram is one of the most visited social media site, unlike YouTube it doesn’t have any option to make money from ads. Which is surprising to be honest! Anyways, there are others ways you can make some good money on Instagram.

Here are few of them. None of these ideas require you to sell anything though…

(a) Instagram Account Manager : A Social Media Manager is someone who manages an Instagram account of behalf of a person or a company. Most big businesses and celebrities have a single, or a team of SMM. The pay is pretty good, and you can make more money by managing multiple accounts. Since Social Media Managing is in the rage right now, the pay is pretty well too. On an average a freelance SMM makes anywhere between $15-$40 per hour of work. Of course, experience is a factor as well, so the more experienced you are, the more will be the pay. Experienced social media managers make upwards of $100 per hour.

(b) Liking, follow and Commenting : You might have come across a random Instagram account that has thousands of followers, but the engagement is abysmal. These accounts are also called feeder accounts. The sole purpose of these types of Instagram accounts is to comment, like and follow and make money out of it. Yeah, this falls in the grey area, so be aware of it. Instagram’s algorithm may not be as intelligent as Google’s, but they are good at catching fake engagement.

(c) Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to make money for most Instagram accounts. I kid you not, but the big influencers make 6-figure income from Instagram affiliate. Instagram knows this and they have tried hard to block such practices, but have failed repeatedly, which is good for us influencers isn’t it?

(d) Brand Partnership : There are two kinds of brand partnership: Barter and paid. In a barter system the collaboration company sends you products for free with which you can make content for them, the next is paid collaboration, where you make money in cash directly from the company. Brand Partnership is lucrative and works great. In fact, brand partnership is the most common way most Instagram influencers earn money.

(e) Consultation : This is the big fish! Most consultants make huge money from social media, especially from Facebook and Instagram. As a consultant, you don’t sell any product, but you sell your experience and expertise. Most consultants make at least $500 per hour in consultation fee.


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