31 High Paying Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000+ Weekly

Side Hustles are a fun way to earn money. Especially when you know how well they pay for so little work.

And with the ferocious rise of the internet and AI, making money online through side hustle is not a big thing. Considering these factors, I have created this list of 31 side hustle ideas that make $1000 or more.
Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

AI Art

AI is the new rage now. Every tongue has spoken the word AI, even if they don’t know what AI actually is.

So why aren’t you jumping on the bandwagon?

Try AI Art, practice a little, make some attractive art pieces and sell them on Etsy and other digital platforms for huge profits. There are people on Etsy earning 4-figures to even 5-figures every month selling AI art.

I have yet to mention the best part: You can diversify from regular AI art to creating stickers, printables, and more. In fact, many YouTube channels are entirely focused on “how to make money selling AI Art.” And I’m not gonna lie! Those YouTube channels are insanely successful.

GIF Creation

Over the years, GIF has found its way into our lives. First, they were heavily used on Facebook and are now used everywhere. Thanks to the rise of meme culture.

But what most people miss is that you can make serious money selling custom GIFs. If they are unique and can entice people, even one GIF can make you $1000 easily.

Gifing is one service where you can sell your GIF and earn pretty good money.

If you’re still sceptical, search: “How much Facebook for GIPHY? and you’ll get your answer.

Spoiler alert: Facebook bought GIPHY for $400M!

Meme Creation

Gifs and Meme go hand-in-hand! In the list of the greatest memes ever created, most of them are GIFs.

So, can you earn money from Meme just like you made GIFs?



Memechat.app is one site where you can earn money creating Meme. They are still new and rapidly growing. You can jump on the bandwagon and take a nice ride!

Sell Empty Ebook

While searching for ebooks, I came across this seller selling empty ebooks on Amazon.

Yes, the seller was selling empty Ebooks at $9-$15, depending upon the number of pages and other factors. This intrigued me, and I tracked down the seller. Finally, after doing some deep research, I found his YouTube channel.

The seller was a humble man in his late 60s. In one of his videos, he explained how much he has earned by selling empty Ebooks. I didn’t believe him when he said: “$10,000 this month,” until he showed a screenshot of his Amazon seller dashboard.

Here was a grandpa notching in 5-figures a month selling nothing but empty ebooks. Though I did not try to replicate what he did, I’m happy for him.

You can try this side hustle in your free time and see how you perform.

Hey, do let me know how it goes.

Sell Canva Templates

You now know you can earn money using AI for art. Now, let’s take a step ahead.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Canva. Canva is the go-to tool for artists today because it’s criminally easy to use. There’s also a service that Canva offers for people who want to earn money by selling Canva templates.

You now know you can earn money using AI for art. Now, let’s take a step ahead.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Canva. Canva is the go-to tool for artists today because it’s criminally easy to use. There’s also a service that Canva offers for people who want to earn money by selling Canva templates. This is one of the best passive income you can have if you’re an artist. Create Canva templates and list them on the Canva marketplace. And that’s it.

This is one of the best side hustles I’ve come across.

Sell Notion Templates

Just as similar to Canva templates, Notion also has a marketplace where you can sell your unique Notion designs.

I use Notion heavily and bought a few templates because they were so good.

And I’m not gonna lie, I won’t think again to buy more if I had to.

So, suppose you use Notion and know how to make beautiful and functional (useful) templates. In that case, the Notion marketplace is the place for you.

AI Newsletter

This is a new one! I was browsing Twitter one day and stumbled upon this Twitter account. Most of this guy’s tweets were about “ways to earn money from AI.” I was a bit intrigued and read all his tweets.

Nothing surprised me but one thing!

This guys was regularly earning $2000-$4000 from AI Newsletter. He started a newsletter about “ways to earn money from AI and it took off. Within few months he received enough paid subscriptions that to notch $2000 per month.

This is one side hustle I never knew existed. Try it and let me know how it goes for you!


In this massive list, Blogging is the one with the highest earning potential. There’s literally no limit to how much you can earn from blogging.

You can earn as low as few cents to upwards to 7-figures. Though this may not seem a good side hustle, most bloggers I know started their “6-figure” blog as a hobby. Later they started earning enough to quit 9 to 5 and go all in.

I’m one of those guys who turned blogging as a side hustle into a full time income. And I hope you can do it too.

Earn From Twitch Streaming

While Twitch is mostly focused on gaming, there are streamers making big just by chatting and sharing their thoughts.

There was once a time when Twitch Streaming were frowned upon because apparently they didn’t make good content.

Today, Twitch Streamers are making enough money every month what most people don’t earn in a decade.

The top streamers are making Millions every year just playing games and chatting.

So, if you’re a gamer and don’t mind streaming for 6 hours straight Twitch is THE place for you.

Sleep & Earn

Become a sleep tester and earn upwards of $10,000. Damn 10 grand is fine when the only thing you have to do it sleep. Seems unrealistic?

Oh boy! you’re in for a good one then. if people are making money selling garbage, then making money to sleep shouldn’t be a shocker.

Mattress companies spend millions to perfect their product. They apply complex mathematical formula to perfect their dream mattress. But, in the end there needs to be someone to test it. Sleep testing is one thing that no robot can compete against a human.

If you can sleep for extended periods of time and give reviews of a product, you can easily $2000 or more. So, if you’re a person who sleeps a lot (unlike me) you can literally earn money sleeping.

Recommend Gifts & Earn

Millions of people search for “what should I gift…” because they are confused and overwhelmed. They either gift something irrelevant or something that is out of their budget. Here you have a chance of earning quicks bucks just recommending gifts.

How? Here it is! There is no limit to how much you can earn so tighten your seatbelts….

Make a gift recommendation website and link it to Amazon affiliate. And that’s pretty much it!

It seems like a funny and vague idea, but think about a man who wants gift something really memorable to his girlfriend, or a friend. The more he thinks about it, the confused he is. In the end, he’ll just give up and gift something which is either out of his budget or something that’s irrelevant.

If you make a free site that automatically recommends a gift based on the information a person provides, then it’s a win-win situation. The person who searched for a gift gets his best gift, you earn a commission from Amazon.

I’m spilling beans here, but I have a website at work pretty similar to gift recommendation…

Complete Survey

Making money from Survey is not new. I remember making $7 in 2014 by completing surveys. Those were the fun days when I had started to learn about way to make money online.

Hard to believe it’s almost 10 years now. Anyway, one website that is hands-down the best in this regard is Swagbucks.

In fact, Swagbucks has been going in hard since 2007. They have made a good name for themselves. Ask anyone who has earned money from surveys and they will probably name Swagbucks.

You only have to complete simple surveys and every successful completion will earn you rewards. You can get paid directly into your PayPal account.

Sell Feet Pics

Be real to yourself! Do you have any fetish that you don’t want to talk about? Okay, okay, you don’t have to tell it to me, but have you heard people having feet fetish? It’s pretty common these days.

People have found a way to sell feet pics and earn money from that. Feetfinder is one website leading this trend. And the site is quite famous! People do buy and sell feet pics and earn money.

So, if you have a beautiful feet, you can try to sell it on Feetfinder and rake in the dough!!

Content Writing

What you’re reading now is a piece of content written for you. This wouldn’t have been possible without Content Writing. Am I a content writer. Yes, in a way.

Can you become a content writer too? Of course! Making an maintaining a website has taught me not just the ins and outs of WordPress, but also what it takes to write a content.

Likewise, you can earn money as a content writer. Though I’ve never tried Fiverr as a content writer, but I’ve seen content writers making it BIG on Fiverr and other platforms. Your only requisite is good English and a compelling article.

Better yet, you can start as a Content Writer and eventually spread your services to Copywriting, Proofreading. Making $1000 is super-easy once you understand how these things work.

Become NFT Artist

In this AI storm, we have forgotten how NFT were talk of the town. Now that we have move on, NFT artists have found a way to rake up BIG income. You might have heard about Midjourney and DALL-E. These two are the front-runners of AI art generator race.

And what happens when you mix ChatGPT with Midjourney and DALL-E? You create something within seconds that would have taken you weeks, or even months.

Even one NFT sale can make you $1000, and if you’re really lucky, than you can hit the 5-figure mark really easily.

Proof Reading

Proof Reading is a great side hustle for someone who is good at English or any other language. What is the job? As you can already figure, it’s “proof reading.” Which means, a person who is good at grammar checks what you’ve written and either offers you suggestions to correct them or do it for you.

Thanks to the blogging tsunami, demand for Proof Readers are on the rise, and I don’t see any signs of slowdown. Earn $1000 is not a big deal as a professional Proof Reader.

Of course Fiverr and Upwork are the two best places to offer services as a Proof Reader, but there’s one more site completely focused on proofreading: Proofread Anywhere.

One of my blogger friends earn $1000 from Proofread Anywhere regularly. If he can do it, I’m sure you can too!

Baby Sitting

People are too busy nowadays. Unfortunately, they don’t have time to care for their kids when at work. That’s were baby sitting comes in. You can earn pretty good money on the side as a baby sitter. It’s relatively easier than other side-hustle jobs out there.

But one thing to remember is that baby sitting is more available for women then men. So, if you’re a man, there’s less chance you’ll get a baby sitting side job.

Sittercity is one website where you can apply as a part-time baby sitter. I’m not connected to Sittercity and this is not a endorsement though. They are well-known for their service.

Dog Walking

Are you a Dog person or a Cat person? Doesn’t matter, your only task is to spend some time with them, walk them, and make them feel happy.

And what if I told you that you can earn by walking dogs or cats?

Pawshake and Rover are the two well-known sites famous for dog walking.

People who are regular dog walkers or cat sitter earn anywhere between $10-$20/hr.

Of course, with the $20/hr you also get LOTS of love from the dogs, and purrs from cats.

Earn From Snapchat Spotlight

TikTok started the short-video genre, and all famous social media company jumped the bandwagon.

Among all was Snapchat. The company introduced Spotlight, that promised user huge rewards if they post short form videos on their platform.

Spotlight remained under the radar until some users posted on Reddit that they have made $100K or more from just one short video.

Those videos weren’t made by them, yet they made 6-figures within few days. Though Snapchat has had enough of people uploading copyrighted videos, people are still earning pretty decent money from Spotlight. Some famous Snapchat influencers earned in 7 figures within only few days because their videos raked in Billions of views.

So, if you have a phone with a good-enough camera, try Snapchat Spotlight and see how much you can earn.

Upload Files & Earn

What if I said you that you can make good money just uploading files?

MyCloud.to is one website offering this service for many years now. In the simplest words, you upload a video on MyCloud, your videos get views, and in return MyCloud pays directly to your PayPal. It’s that simple!

Yeah, but you’ve to keep one thing in mind! Only upload legal and non-copyright files. How strict they are is the actual question though!

This is one of the best passive side hustle you can try. MyCloud isn’t popular a lot so you might not find many reviews of them. But, I’ve seen many websites using MyCloud to stream videos. So, if it works for them, it should work for you too.

Private Coaching

Some bloggers have a monthly routine of posting income report to their readers. This is to show that blogging is not dead and it’s very much possible to earn through blogging.

I have read countless of those and have found two things in common. Every 5-figue or even 6 or 7 figure blogger earns mostly from their courses and private coaching. They charge a hefty fee for private coaching. Adam Enfroy earns 6-figures monthly from his course Blog Growth Engine. Anastasia Blogger earns 5-figure monthly from her course Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets.

You can provide a private coaching to people who need it and charge whatever you want. Of course, people won’t buy if your fee is exorbitant.

As for me, I have thought to offer a course in the future. I have a plan to create the best course for beginner bloggers struggling to make a breakthrough.

Web Design

Web Design is a full side hustle if you have good knowledge about design and stuff. Earning $1000 every day, yes every day is not a big deal for a Web Designer. But, if you don’t want to go overboard and just want to earn good enough, then create an account on Fiverr and go for it.

Fiverr and Upwork are the two best places to sell your services as a Web Designer. If you still don’t believe, search on YouTube: “How much Web Designers Earn?”

You’ll know that that sky is the limit. Figma is the best service for web designing. Go check it out. It’s free!

Doordash Delivery

Doordash delivery is an active job, so if you’re more interested in passive income, move to the next section…

But won’t you like to know how much Doordash delivery guys earn weekly? An average Doordash delivery guy earns at least $1100 every week and upwards of $1500 every week.

This is not me but data from real Doordash delivery guys. Have a look at this Indeed post about how much Doordash Deliver guys earn. So, if you have some time in your hands and want to earn some extra cash, probably nothing beats Doordash.

Start AI Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions you can take for a constant passive income. And the best part is that there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

If that’s the case, then how about starting an AI blog? Millions of people regularly search for AI and how to use it for business and daily tasks.

Spoiler Alert: I have an AI blog that is performing pretty well within 4 months. I’ve written each and every post myself. Minimal AI involved.

Honestly, earning $1000 with a blog is not a big deal, and it’s even easier when it’s an AI blog.

Learn how to make a website and start your journey as an AI blogger.

Stock Trading

Stock trading has no limits to how much you can earn. But, as Spiderman’s uncle said: “With great power comes great responsibilities.” On a good day, stock trading can make you 5 figures; on a bad day, you can lose all.

But, it’s no harm to try stock trading with a comfortable sum. Of course, you have to take the risk and manage your so-called “inner demons.”

You can start stock trading as a side hustle and eventually earn a full-time income. 

Social Media VA

Social media is a crazy, fast-paced industry where every second counts. It’s even worse if someone is famous and needs to handle too many things simultaneously. Social media influencers usually have to handle too many tasks simultaneously. That’s where a Social Media Virtual Assistant(VA) comes in. 

VAs are in HUGE demand after 2020, and apparently, the need for them is only gonna keep growing. 

Upwork and Fiverr are the two most reputed sites to get a VA side hustle. Some VAs are earning as high as $60/hr. 


Copy-Paste Jobs

Until now, you’ve known all the unique money-making side hustle. 

Here’s one more: copy-paste job. 

No joke! You can literally earn money by just copy-pasting anything. 

controlc.com is one site that pays you if you copy-paste anything.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their payment rate. As of writing this, controlc.com pays $2 for every 1000 views. Which is pretty decent by industry standards.  

And the best part is that you can get paid to your PayPal account or Bitcoin if you want to. 

I have tried controlc.com before and earned 3-figures within 2 weeks. So, if I can do it, you CAN too!

Earn Money On Twitter

Are you active on Twitter (now X)? Then you might be missing out on earning some extra bucks.

This is how you earn money from Twitter (now X):
When you tweet, Twitter places ads between your tweets and your followers’ comments.

The more people interact with your tweets, the more you’ll earn.

A person with only a few followers posted a screenshot that he made $1100 in his first month from Twitter Ads. While this may seem low, there’s practically no work involved.
I cannot reveal the person’s name, but he doesn’t have thousands of followers.

I wonder how much the big Twitter accounts earn from ads alone?
What’s your guess?

AI Logo Design is on the rise after ChatGPT and Midjourney got their most awaited update.
And if I’m not wrong, AI has been the most searched term on Google recently.
Today, you can do everything using AI.

Logo Design is arduous, but software like Midjourney and DALL-E makes logo design as easy as a hot knife through butter.

I have tried Midjourney and Dall-E, and I can say for sure that they are a killer combination when used with ChatGPT.

Guys are marking upwards of 6-figure selling AI Logo Design services on Fiverr and Upwork.

And the best thing is that you won’t need the expertise to use this AI software.

Watch Videos & Earn

You know people earning money by making videos (YouTube). Still, you might not have heard about “earning money by watching videos.” Surprisingly, there are ways to earn money by watching videos.

Swagbucks and InboxDollars are the two famous companies providing the service. 

You can earn money from Swagbucks and InboxDollars by just watching videos. 

In fact, InboxDollars even gifts you $5 when you register an account. 

There’s no limit to how much you can earn. People are making $1000 and upwards of 5-figures every month just from Swagbucks and InboxDollars. 

Earn On Medium

Medium is your go-to site if you love writing.

And you know what’s better? When you get paid when people read them.

Medium has no limits to how much or what you write until it’s legal and doesn’t break their terms of service.
Quora is another platform where you can earn money by answering people’s questions, but Medium is more well-known among writers.

Think of it as the Twitter of writers. I’ve seen some people make serious bank on Medium – we’re talking five digits every month!

So, if you love writing, Medium is the best place to be.

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